The Hidden Rebellion

 La Rebellion cachée

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This documentary fiction hidden Rebellion aims to remember what really happened during the Vendée wars in the 1790s Daniel Rabourdin , the producer of this work, puts all his talents and skills to the martyrs of Vendée . The film is not over between sound mixing , color correction and the French translation. All this requires our contribution to complete this work which will have an authentic echo of the history of our past.

Petition for recognition of the Vendée genocide

 Petition pour la reconnaissance du génocide vendéen

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This petition "To repeal genocidal decrees of 1793 against the Vendee people" aims to solicit parliamentarians to the bill filed February 23, 2012 could result in the repeal of these decrees. This bill has the sole article: "The decree of 1 August 1793 on measures to be taken against the rebels of the Vendée and the Decree of 1 October 1793 containing a new organization of the army intended to fight the rebels of the Vendée under the Western Army name, are repealed. "